A National Summit on Smart Grid and Climate Change

Photos + Feedback

All event photos from the 2015 National Summit on Smart Grid and Climate Change can be viewed and downloaded at our Flickr site.

“A great opportunity to learn more about the advances, challenges, and opportunities for Smart Grid technologies as it relates to Climate Change.”
-Program Manager, State Environmental Office

“Key event which brings utilities, regulators and solution providers at the same venue.”
-Smart Grid Executive, Software Company

“Great venue to hear about real world solutions to Climate Change issues.”
-Vice President, Metering Company

“Opportunity to hear policy and technical aspects related to the Grid system as it pertains to climatic changes occurring and planning for mitigation.”
-Environmental Manager, State Environmental Office

“A very engaging group of experts and practitioners in the field coming together to address the issues that face their industry.”
-Executive Director, State Agency


2014 National Summit Photos

Photography courtesy of  Momenta Creative Photography